Monday, May 17, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 136

I'm not much of a homemaker. (I can just imagine Raf reading that with a belly about understatement of the year!) For me, cooking is a chore, and cleaning...let's not even go there. I don't. That's the problem!

I figure, with a little one on the way, I should probably start working on that. While perusing a crafty mom blog this weekend, I came across a note about her starting on the FlyLady system. I remember discovering FlyLady a few years ago, but never really got into it. The website/emails are are a bit confusing and overwhelming, but I think if you can decipher it all, it's probably a fairly manageable system. Once you commit to becoming a cleaner, that is!

Well, I'm working on it. Baby Steps, as the FlyLady puts it. It all starts with shining your kitchen sink. Everyday. If you know me, you know this is probably the hardest starting point possible. I don't do dishes. Raf does dishes. I hate dishes. But for the last 6 nights, I've done piles of them. All of them, so that at the end of each night I can wipe the counters and sink clean.

I can see the method to the madness. It does feel good to wake up to a gleaming sink each morning. And there's a lot more motivation to control the chaos throughout the day when you know you're going to have to spit shine it by the end of the night.

Now cross your fingers that I can make this (and about 2,000 other tasks) routine!


Vicki said...

time to replace that dishwasher!!:) I know, you still have pots and pans, but it's much quicker! xo

Vicki said...

looks great by the way! xo

Gena said...

I do my dishes three times a day, morning, noon and after dinner. I find the upkeep easier than leaving a big pile. Same with my laundry. I do one load each morning and it helps. Good luck with your cleaning!