Saturday, May 22, 2010


Strawberry Jammin, that is!
This was my very first homemade jam making experience, so I decided to invite some girlfriends over to join in the fun (aka: serve as my worker bees!)
Rachelle, working hard!
Jules, takin a break.
Jars are boiling, but there's no rest for the wicked! I put them to work on favors for a Survivor Celebration on Sunday!
The finished product! Good thing we made 2 batches--Raf is already whining about the number of jars left for him.
Look at how pretty it is!!
The first tasting...
The initial reaction..uh-oh!
Good thing he has a terrible poker face!
It's SOOOO yummy!! Recipe and directions can be found on the Intimate Weddings blog here. Now go make your own fabulous jam!


Vicki said...

looks delish! strawberry is my fav-better save some for me! or i better get some for christmas!! xoxox

Christina said...

So glad you enjoyed the jam! I'll be making this year's batch pretty soon.