Friday, May 14, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 133

Putting finishing touches on the belly blankie for Magda's baby shower. I'm going to miss having this one in the house, it had really grown on me!
And a little fishy onesie to match! This was my very first attempt at applique. I think next time I'll try a loose zig zag. I know it doesn't look as polished, but I don't like the bumpy affect that happened with this tight stitch around corners.


Beth said...

Loose zig zag is the way to go... also, I like to use the edging glue so the little strings don't stick out.. I'm doing an applique right now where I'm beading around the whole thing.. it isn't that much fun- wouldn't recommend it.

Anonymous said...

great job! so cute! love ya!