Thursday, November 4, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 303 (Oct 31)

Guess who finally got iPhones? We did! 

I told Raf at the beginning of the pregnancy that I wanted an iPhone as my "push gift". I pretty much think the concept is ridiculous, so I figured I should demand something equally as silly (rather than, say, diamond earrings). However, since he got one too, I think I should be entitled to yet another gift. Plus, it's my birthday month, so...

The real reason that we finally took the plunge is because we now consider it to be affordable. (Well, that and the fact that it's pretty much the #1 new parent tool!) Now that AT&T has added additional monthly plan options, our monthly bill actually has the potential to be less expensive (rather than $80 more a month like it was when we looked last year)! 

We are, of course, completely engrossed in app browsing these days. It's so fun! Any good recommendations from all of you long-time iPhoners??


Bryn said...

Hey guys! I don't have an iPhone....but I did read this cool article on a blog the other day.

And I sent this article to my sister:

Anonymous said...

so, does that mean you can afford to add one for your mom! :) heehee!

brooke said...

Nice work, Bryn! ...And shouldn't you be working on your pre-wedding tan or something?? :)

Yes, mother--only $25 to add an extra line! But you'd have to get rid of your's tough decisions!

budzilla said...

Welcome to the iPhone club! I hate AT&T service, but I do love my smartphone/toy! Try Urban Spoon & Yelp for finding eats. Urban spoon has this really cool "scope" feature that let's you find nearby places to eat: hard to describe here, but look it up! All Recipes and Epicurious are good recipe/menu apps. Facebook & Twitter also have good apps. ESPN has ScoreCenter so you can keep up on your favorite teams. Good games to buy: Angry Birds, Osmos, & Flight Center. Good free games: Qrank, Flight Center, & Paper Toss. Oh yeah, get Planets to keep up on astronomical events!