Saturday, November 13, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 310 (Nov 7)

Lana met a bunch of new friends this weekend! Some of the boys (and one wife!) from Raf's high school crew came out Saturday night to meet the babe.
Then, on Sunday morning, Annemarie came to visit and pick up the baby blanket I was making for her sister. She's pregnant with a little boy and AM is currently in NY throwing her shower. I made Annemarie sit around and hold Lana so that I could put the finishing touches on her spaceship blankie!
And then, because we love company, Gina came over, along with her friend Cody (who made the trek from Lodi) and her daughter Presley. It was so much fun to have another (older) baby in the house! It's awesome to see that all the work we've put in to Lana's room will be appreciated one day--Presley was having a blast playing with all of her toys, and pulling the books off the shelf, one by one. Gina, because she has cleaning OCD, kept trying to sneak in behind Presley and re-stack them, and the minute P would notice, she'd scoot right back over and pull them all off (one by one) again! It was super cute.
At 14 months, she's also a texting pro...!!!
And because Cody is SUPER awesome, she surprised me with a huge bag full of summer clothes for Lana! I think we've literally purchased less than 5 articles of clothes for this kid ourselves--and most of those have been swaddlers or footie pajamas (pretty much all we find the energy to dress her in most days!) If only this trend could continue until she's 10 years old...or 20.
Look at all those cute shoes! She's going to be one stylin Little Bitty!

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