Sunday, November 7, 2010


Once upon a time there lived two bears. Mama Bear and Papa Bear were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their Baby Bear. Instead, they got Goldilocks. 

We've experienced some rough days and nights around here over the past week. I don't know if it has something to do with the first Wonder Week (typically occurring around week 5), or if she's experiencing a growth spurt, or if this is the legendary 6th week peak of fussiness that I read about so often, but she is currently one crazy, fussy beast. Our days are spent ensuring that things aren't too fast or too slow; too hot or too cold; too boring or too stimulating, because this little Goldi demands that things be JUST RIGHT!

Now, if you hadn't already caught on, fussiness is no stranger in this household. Right around Week 2 when all the books say colic will typically hit, it did--with a vengeance. Of course, I hadn't read anything about colic (or much of anything else) at that point, but I sure feel well educated on the subject now!  

To compound whatever fussy peak (at least I sure hope this is a peak!) she's experiencing at the moment, we've also been dealing with nursing issues. Sometime late last week I realized that we had a textbook case of oversupply. Before having a baby, I naively thought that an oversupply would be a nice problem to have--no worries that the baby is getting enough, and plenty left over to pump and store away for a rainy day, right? Sure, if your baby is cool with handling your oversupply. Mine? Not so much. She thrashes and gulps and chokes and screams while nursing, then pukes it all back up and has explosive watery poo. It never occurred to me that breastfeeding could be so stressful. 

So, I read up on the La Leche League website about how to reverse an oversupply and attended a local LLL meeting for extra advice and support, and I do think our adjustments are helping. Helping with the breastfeeding issues, that is--not the teenage angst she's currently exhibiting. And, as part of this angst, she's suddenly taken to cluster feeding (every 30-90 minutes, rather than the 2-4 hour blocks I'd grown accustomed to), which isn't helpful when trying work out nursing issues!

One thing's for sure, this girl sure keeps us on our toes! We just have our fingers crossed that she'll continue to follow the typical newborn timelines and leave us with us a chill and cheerful babe in the next couple months, once she's adjusted to this crazy new life outside the womb. 

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Anonymous said...

hang in there honey! I know it's hard right now, but you and Raf are doing a wonderful job and this too shall pass - hopefully sooner than later! :) love you xoxoxoxox