Friday, January 28, 2011

2011: The List

It's (well past) that time again, isn't it?! The list is quite lengthy, as usual, but I have a new plan that I'm hoping will make progress achievable. As this is a list of aspirations and goals for the year, my plan is to attack these bullets one at a time, month by month.

Most of these are things I'd like to be part of my daily routine; very few are project type goals. I'll focus on just one or two simple goals per month. My hope is that by giving these acts my full attention, by the end of said month, they will have become a habit; a normal part of my day to day.  Then, I can move right along to the next goal.

So, here's the list, in no particular order:
  1. Floss. Cuz I need to.
  2. Grow food. Cuz I want to! This is the year! 
  3. Moisturize. Cuz my arms and legs get so dry.
  4. Shine sink. Cuz it's the first step of the Fly Lady system and I want a clean house everyday!
  5. Swish & swipe (the Fly Lady's daily bathroom cleaning method). Cuz bathrooms are gross. 
  6. Learn camera. Cuz I'm tired of taking really crappy pictures with an expensive camera. 
  7. Floors. Cuz they're so big. And dark. And dirty! And someone is going to be mobile sooner than later!!
  8. Vitamins. Cuz I need to remember to just take them already!  
  9. Raf. His suggestion...ha! And no, I'm not thinking what you (or he!) are thinking!! But now that I have a mini me taking up 99.9% of my time and attention, I don't think it's a terrible idea to carve out some time everyday to be good to my man. Cuz I love him. 
  10. Craft. You know: Do Something Creative Everyday. Cuz it feels good! Can't wait to start that month! :)
  11. Keep in touch. Cuz I should do better. Call more. Send more cards. Get out of the house. 
  12. Eat local. Cuz it's important to me. And our local economy. And our culture. And our planet. And I want to keep it top of mind everyday. 
  13. Meal planning. Cuz it makes life SO much easier!
  14. Make bed. Cuz it feels good to have things in their place.
  15. Be presentable. Cuz it can be really easy to never leave your pjs when you're home with the babe 24/7. 
  16. Learn to curl my hair. Cuz it's a basic skill every girl should have. Especially by the age of 30!
  17. Generate less trash. Cuz we should. And it's really not that hard if we just commit. 
  18. No food waste. Cuz we hate throwing $ down the drain!
I'm sure this list will grow (and, let's be honest, shrink!) throughout the year, but these are things that have been top of mind for me lately. Wish me luck!!


Beth said...

Well, to shine your sinks and tubs I hope you use Mr.Clean Magic Eraser.. its pretty much the best invention ever. :)

Bryn said...

I can help with 11 and 16! The video blog for hair curling will come...I just need to find some time :-)

Jordan said...

bahaha the moisturizing thing goes for all of us. Jeez mom, thanks for handing down the dry skin. Auntie and Dae-Dae sent me a letter telling me to buy vitamins. Then they called to make sure I bought them and was taking them.

Julia said...

Ditto the Magic Eraser suggestion - those things are amazing.

Also, just tried this recipe from the sandra lee cookbook you got me and it's super tasty and easy: