Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Do

In addition to my 2011 List, Raf and I have started a monthly Do list. We'd like to keep it to just a handful of items, so that hopefully they'll actually get done! These aren't goals, rather tasks and projects that we need to move on.

We're not off to the best start ever, but I'll share our list anyway. Hopefully some accountability will help us do better in February!

January Do

  1. Get Focus ready to sell. Raf started to make progress on this one early in the month...then it stopped running! Back to square one. 
  2. Choose investment accounts for rollover of my retirement accounts into an IRA, for a college fund for Lana, and for idle cash. Discussed general plans and intend to make investments next month. Check.
  3. Buy doors and moulding. Tried yesterday, but store wasn't prepared for us! Still working on it....a year later!
  4. Add insulation above master bath (and get it out of the laundry room!) Not done...
  5. Make Maddy's doll. One arm done. I'm pathetic!
  6. Sew 2 belly blankets for Jill. Check.
  7. Organize fabric. Making excellent progress. Hallelujah! 
5 items in 2 days?? Not likely.

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