Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Hunger Games

For my birthday, my "neighbor" friends Bryn & Lisa got me The Hunger Games trilogy. Goodness knows that I need a break from reading baby books, and they thought these would be good because they're easy, fast (young adult) reads that do a great job keeping your attention. 

I finished the trilogy today and OMG they were SO SO SO good. I would liken it to the dark books of Harry Potter, mixed with a PG version of the love saga from Twilight. They're definitely not light, happy reads, but if I can get through them in a couple weeks when I can't even feed myself on a consistent basis, they must be good! (And it only took that long because I didn't take books 2 and 3 to Oregon with me...STUPID!)

If you're interested in learning a bit about the plot, check out Bryn's blog here, or Jordan's review here

Side note: I LOVE young adult series, so please feel free to refer me on to other fabulous finds. However, please note that I WILL NOT start reading a series until the final book has been written. I can't stand the waiting. It KILLS me. Plus, I have a pretty terrible long term memory, so a year from now, I couldn't even tell you basic details about these books (which is kind of awesome for re-reading purposes).

Thanks for such an awesome gift, ladies! It was perfect!!

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