Saturday, January 1, 2011

The 365 Project: Day, I mean 365?! (Dec 31)

Watch out, someone accomplished the back to belly roll today! Not a bad way to close out the year, eh?! 

So, I'm pretty sure the completed roll was all in an attempt to see the television that her mean parents deprive her of. Check out that look on her face. Freaking girl. 

And then she realizes that she's on her belly, and even TV isn't interesting enough to compete with her hatred of tummy time!
Raf and I snuck out for a few hours tonight to check out the final night of Christmas lights at Shore Acres. They were as beautiful as ever and I was so excited to share them with Raf. It finally felt like Christmas.
Happy New Year, friends!!

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Jordan said...

I just love that picture at the top. So adorable.