Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Challenging My AuthoriTAY! (Cartman? Anyone...?)

Lana turned 8 months yesterday, and she's doing all kinds of awesome new stuff. She's been sitting up on her own for a couple weeks now, and can cross a room lickety split, though I wouldn't call it a crawl. Typically it's a mix of army style (dragging the legs behind), frogger style (jumping both legs forward at once), or the old tried and true: rolling. However, today she started putting together a completely legit crawl series--3 or 4 hand/knee combos in a row, in an effort to go after something she desperately wants (of course). So far, this list has included the dog, the dog's bowls, and Drew's pager. She went zooming after the dog bowls in the kitchen a good 20 times today. All the while with me hovering above, reciting an ominous, "No Lana. NO Lana. Noooooo Lana. Don't even think about it, kid!" This was, of course, after she totally snuck past me the first time and dumped DG's water bowl all over the kitchen and herself.

Most mothers would do the obvious thing and simply move the bowls off the floor. But I'm a glutton for punishment and I know that Lana understands no, she's just beginning to test her (and my!) limits. (Oh what fun!) So, I said no 800 times. She progressed anyway, 800 times. And I moved her away 798 times. Oh yes, there was some success! Whether it was driven by understanding and conformity or distraction by her reflection in the stove, or the tasty lure of the closest rug, I cannot say...but she did stop at least a couple times, so I'm counting it!

For even more evidence of Lana challenging my No (and cruising for toys!), check out this video...

In other news, Lana totally said, "DG" (the dog's name) tonight!! I know I sound crazy, but she was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor and the dog was zooming past her this way and that and out of nowhere she says (binky in mouth), "DG!" My mom and I looked at each other with amazed expressions and cracked up. I'm sure it was probably just gas, but it was pretty awesome either way!


Julia said...

Adorable! I love that as you're saying no she just pulls that cord right out. Mostly because I'm not her mother :)

Jordan said...

hilarious! I love her face when she first is in arms reach of the cord. So cute!