Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Escape from Graco-traz

Last weekend, Raf was helping his dad move out of his shop, which left lots of time for Lana and I to entertain ourselves. After way too many napless hours, I decided it was time to attempt to get her to sleep in her carseat. I knew it would be unlikely in an still vehicle, but she was pooped so it was worth a shot. 

I put her in her seat and looped her arms into the straps, but didn't lock anything down, then took up residence in the front seat to do some sewing. About 5 minutes later, I hear some grunting. Effort-filled grunting. That doesn't sound like her sleep hum....

So I turn around and this is what I find! Butt in the air, fully escaping from her carseat! Nice to know the little Houdini hasn't lost her touch.


Jordan said...

Screw sleeping mom, I wanna party! What a cutie! Have fun at mom's.

Jim said...

My mother swore by the magic of getting an infant to sleep in a moving vehicle. Others have put the car seat on top of the dryer and turned on the dryer with a soft/quiet but weighty load inside.

But you have to click her in! hahaha