Friday, May 27, 2011

Double Chocolate Chewies

After putting so much effort into the chicken and dumplings, the last thing we were interested in was a from-scratch dessert endeavor. While perusing Mom's pantry, I found a treasure trove of boxed cake mixes (probably from when I unloaded my dairy-filled goods the last time I visited). I asked Mom if she'd ever heard of the Cake Doctor and she responds by pulling out a cookbook the Aunties had given her 10 years ago (it's dated by them), that she's definitely never cracked open (my mother is not big on experimentation in the kitchen department). We decided it was time to break it in!

We opted for the Double Chocolate Chewies (assuming no one else would like the Mocha version) and, my goodness, they did not disappoint! They're ooey gooey chewie on the inside (like a brownie), with a nice little crisp outer cookie shell. SO YUMMY. We skipped the nuts, of course, but I think they'd be pretty amazing with some Craisins or dried cherries (like my Christmas cookies...just not a Cooking Light version!)

Next time you find yourself with a box of devil's food cake mix in the pantry and in dire need of a sugar high, give these a shot!

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