Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two Things

  1. I'm back! Well, at least my MacBook is. And thank goodness! I was starting to get SERIOUSLY grumpy after 6+ weeks without it. Especially after learning we lost everything. :(
  2. Is it super weird that I really want this bingo set? (Available through hopscout today!) It's freaking adorable! Who cares that Lana won't be able to handle her own bingo card for a few years, or that I have no space for it?? Details.


Anonymous said...

so glad you are back but so sorry you lost all... and buy the bingo! can't wait to play it w/you and lana! xoxox

Jim said...

She can chew on the corners of the cards. =8^)

Jordan said...

Dude, come help me plant my chilis.