Thursday, October 16, 2008

Engaged: Gina & Eric!

I've been told that when it comes to engagements and weddings, when it rains, it pours. I never thought that year would come for me--boy was I wrong! It has been a year of wedding and engagement madness, and there are no signs of slacking off anytime soon.

One couple joining us on the engagement bandwagon are Gina (my friend from work) and Eric. Eric took Gina to Cabo for her birthday a couple weeks ago and orchestrated a super sweet proposal, including surprise visits by close friends, on her day.

There's never been another person whose life has mirrored mine more closely than Gina. Not only do people think we look alike (to the point where she's had total strangers hug her and spend time "catching up"), but we also have similar relationships, are on similar career paths, and now we get to plan our weddings at the same time! There's certainly no one that I'd have more fun sharing a parallel life path with.

The highlight of this engagement (for me)? They're leaning towards tying the knot in Cabo! Woo hoo! Destination weddings=VACATION!


smith - doesntseeanyresemblence said...

Eric looks hella familiar...where do I know him from?

On the otherhand you and Gina look nothing alike.

Jordan said...

I'm with smith on this one. I don't think you look like Gina at all, maybe it's the picture. Then again, you and I actually share the same genes and we look nothing alike either.