Monday, February 2, 2009

Bee Bag

This bee purse equals hap, hap, Happiness! Found it, along with much more sewing goodness, on Lady Harvatine. I don't think I've disclosed my ridiculous cheesiness related to bees and bears into the blogosphere yet. Can you figure out the connection without me having to spell it out...?

If not, here we go. So, y'all know Raf's last name--hence the bear love. As for the bees, once we're married, what are my initials? That's right: bb. And the best part--the honey connection! I told you it was cheesy. Feel free to unsubscribe from the blog now. I disgust even myself. :)

In other news, sorry to be so MIA. Last week was some kinda madness. I had jury duty and didn't get released from the selection process until Thursday, so I was pulling some crazy long hours in court all day, then working all night--in fear that I might get chosen and end up 6+ weeks behind at work.

Spent the weekend hosting a ladies-only Super Bowl party. This turned out to be the most genius plan ever for those of us in relationships (thus happy to have a day free of testosterone!) The game was on the whole time...I probably even watched 3 minutes of it. Also FINALLY finished our Save the Dates...woo hoo! Such a good feeling. More on that project soon.

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Allyson said...

the royal bee was Empress Josephine's (as in Napoleon's 1st official lover from Corsica) symbol. your attraction to bees basically means you must have been royalty in your last life. xo, A