Monday, February 23, 2009

Reset Button

Sometimes in life I just want to press the Reset button. Like many, I find that the lifestyle expectations I have for myself don't always reflect the life I lead on a daily basis. So every once in a while, we find it necessary to reset.

Raf and I normally have a crazy awesome runs where we're super hard core, everything in life falls into place, and it's wonderful and fulfilling. Then we have a couple busy days at work and all is shot to you-know-what! Well, those couple days have turned into a couple months for us lately. I don't think we ever fully recovered from holiday chaos--it just morphed into work chaos. Raf is in the middle of one of his busy times at work--scheduled til 10pm on weeknights and going into the office on weekends; and I've been staying in the office til 7pm consistently for the last couple weeks. We're not getting enough sleep, we're eating like crap, I'm 4 weeks into a physical activity program at work and haven't logged a minute, and we haven't made any wedding planning progress in weeks. Reset Button, please!!!

We've officially reached our breaking point of feeling horrible about ourselves, so we decided that we're going to try out a series of Reset Weeks. Normally we're all gung-ho and try to be rock stars who remedy every issue all at once. As I mentioned above, this always, quickly, leads to a crash & burn. So instead, we're going to try to focus on one thing per week. This week's Reset is going to be focused on time--primarily related to sleep! I've never had that internal sleep clock that everyone else talks about--I have never EVER had a consistent bed or wake time. And no matter what time I go to sleep, even if it's been 12 hours, I can still sleep til 10am at least! Hopefully that will change one of these years. So here are this week's Reset parameters:
  • In bed by 10:30 (If you catch an 11pm blog time this week, yell at me! Except tomorrow. Tomorrow is Raf's bday and we're having a super late dinner, so there's no way we'll make it to bed on time. Good start, huh?!)
  • Up by 7:00 (Of course "up" is a negotiable term! Lol.)
  • At work by 9:00 (I'm a pretty consistent 9:15er.)
  • Leave work by 5:30 (Applies only to me. This was SO hard tonight! Of course, I just come home and work, but whatever, at least I'm fed and on my couch.)
  • No TV (Yes, you read that right.)

This series is a CHALLENGE for me! Except for the TV. I watch too much, but don't miss it terribly when it's off. But respecting time is something I'm really not good at. Precisely why I need to focus on one Reset at a time!


Allyson said...

my new sleep commitment is 11-6:30. what keeps me motivates is that i am soo much more productive when i get a full night's sleep. regarding the t.v., try unplugging it. it will cause you to really think about casually flipping it on and spacing out in front of it. xo, A

Jordan said...

That's hardcore. I never make it to bed before 2am - but then again I work until midnight 3-5 nights a week. Good Luck. P.S. Happy Birthday Raf!