Monday, February 9, 2009

Exhausted Slacker

Evidently I'm becoming one of those super irritating once-a-week slacker bloggers. So sad. If it makes you any more forgiving, I'm exhausted! We have so much going on right now. I skipped right over stress-mode, and went straight into auto-pilot. I definitely prefer auto-pilot to stress, but I'm seriously lacking focus right now. I drove in a circle for 5 minutes today after taking a wrong turn to get to a place I go all the time! So, what's keeping us busy at the moment?
  • We went to SLO this weekend to meet with a couple caterers, In Good Taste and Pacific Harvest. I think we trust both to serve great food, but they seem to have pretty different concepts when it comes to service and their role for the day. Should be really interesting to see the proposals they come back with. The good news is, both are open to working with us if we choose to provide our own fish (either thru Daryl's boat-building hookups, or by providing Dad with a good excuse to head back to Alaska to do some more fishing this year!)
  • I have two Card Clubs this week, one was tonight, the other tomorrow--everybody needs Valentines! Thank goodness I finished most of my designs at crop last week, cause we were still up way too late finishing the last design and cutting all the pieces after getting home last night.
  • Work is kicking my behind.
  • The Prelude crossed the 200k mile mark on our way home from SLO! I've put 100k miles on that car in 5 years. I really need to get a bike. Or maybe a moped.
  • Oh, and did I mention that we're putting in an offer on a house tomorrow?!? Ahh!! It's a short sale and there's at least one more offer on it, so who knows where it'll go, but our gut feeling is good, so we're going to throw our hat in the ring. Crazy! Wanna know the best part? We've only seen it at night...and the electricity is shut off! HA! Good times.


Jordan said...

Good Luck on the long is your lease at the new apt? At least your blog has actual posts about your life - mine has comics. But kick ass comics...

Allyson said...

I've heard great things about In Good Taste.

Jin Ho said...

I bought my house off an ad on Craigslist. Go for it!