Thursday, February 12, 2009

Soup & Salsa

I've clearly fallen off the map on Sunday Soup reporting. I have still been eating them though! Two weeks ago we made the Tomato and Fennel Soup (p.60). It was good, but I don't think I'm a big fan of fennel. This was my first experience with it, and it gave it a bit of a weird sweet tang that you wouldn't expect in Tomato soup. I think I prefer a more savory version. The cool thing though, was learning that you can make tomato soup out of one thing of canned tomatoes and another 5 cups of non-tomato fresh veggies! It's like when you hear about moms hiding pureed carrots in chicken fingers. So cool!

Then last week we weren't home to make soup, we were coming home from SLO. The good news is, I still had soup! We stopped by Raf's family's place on our way home and his mom had taught Monika how to make her awesome pork meatball soup that night. So maybe I didn't make the Sunday Soup, but I sure did enjoy it!

As for the salsa, Nena's boy Matt makes the most incredible homemade salsa. He's been testing out a new version lately, and taught Raf how to make it while we were visiting. Best day ever! Especially since he's super protective of his recipes. Raf made it tonight and it was SO good! I love having nothing but salsa for dinner. Or hummus. I love hummus. I really need to try making one of the 18 recipes I've pulled for hummus...

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Smithspicy said...

Email me the Salsa Recipe...I'm also obsessed with my homemade salsa - it's truly a staple in my diet. (baked/sliced whole-wheat pita wraps are fat free alternatives to chips). But my recipe is hella generic:

red and white onion
hot pepper
(occasionally I'll huck in some liquid smoke/smoked paprika/other random spices to mix it up)

so help a brother out and send me yours