Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cape Cod

I'm back! And thank goodness. That little no TV experiment just about killed me. I really didn't think it'd be a big deal, but with Raf working until 10pm all week, and me on a strict schedule to leave work by 5:30 every evening, I pretty much just came home every night and worked until my assigned bedtime. Ick! Obviously I could have done something a little more entertaining than work, but I guess that's just where I was this week. Good news is, I worked for about 3 minutes this morning before immediately moving on to catching up on blogs! And boy did it feel good! I'm ready to be back into wedding planning goodness today. Whew!

I just finished watching 27 Dresses while doing some blog hopping and found way more goodness than I should be burning time on on Snippet & Ink. She linked to this great series of shots of Cape Cod by Henry & Masci Photography. (Note to self, these were taken in Hyannis and Sandwich, MA.)

We've been struggling with honeymoon ideas lately. Knowing us, everyone figures some long, exotic vacation would be the first thing we'd have planned. However, with 6+ other weddings and wedding related events this year, I get the feeling that we're going too be low on vacation time and even lower on energy to escape anywhere too distant and crazy. We've been thinking of staying in the States. We've kicked around the idea of choosing somewhere random on the East Coast; I keep mentioning Tennessee, he keeps ixnaying; there's always Hawaii; and we've given some serious consideration to Catalina in order to avoid flying all together. Then I stumbled across these shots tonight. Hmm...Cape Cod? Looks gorgeous. Could be a good time. And maybe I could even convince Raf to squeeze in a couple days in Boston while we're there!

So far, here's my favorite spot on VRBO:
Sadly, I just looked at their calendar and it's booked for 2 weeks after our wedding. Bummer. Maybe this one:
Side note--I'm so disgusting. I'm now on my second girlie movie of the night, The Holiday, as I search VRBO. It's my #1 guilty pleasure on nights alone. I just realized that both movies involve a wedding column writer and the same "wrong guy" (the boss in 27 Dresses and Cameron's cheating guy in The Holiday).

This one's tempting. Cute and cheap! Curious what else is on the property tho...
Too expensive, but awfully tempting.
Evidently August is the time to be on Cape Cod. That would be when prices skyrocket and everything is already booked. Kinda makes me nervous that it would be a bit of a circus. But these cottages and the beaches sure do look nice!


Gena said...

Have you looked at South Carolina? We are headed there in April and I don't know much about it yet (Ryan has training and we all get to go) but I know they have some good beaches.

Boston is my favorite big city! Of course I am partial because I lived there for a year. =)

Jordan said...

DUDE, I want to go to Tennessee so badly. Sister trip?

brooke said...

I haven't checked out SC...but I will now, thx Gena!\

I'd SO be down for a sister trip! Somebody was telling me recently about having their bachelorette in Nashville. I was SO jealous. That would be the best time ever. We can't even find a weekend for us all to go to Tahoe tho! :(

Kristen said...

LOL, I was just going to ask if you had considered Charleston. Great beaches, great food, great hospitality. The Cape is fantastic (it's a few hours from New Haven), but literally EVERYONE from NYC and southern New England heads there in August because the humidity is RIDICULOUS. Honestly. Or have you thought about Lake Champlain in Vermont? Really, really, beautiful, and more off the beaten path.