Friday, April 30, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 119

I finally got a haircut. It's been at least 7 months. I'm so lazy. And cheap. I've been trying to give significant attention to the budget lately, and cut spending wherever possible. It occurred to me when I realized I desperately needed a haircut a few weeks ago that it's kinda ridiculous that I pay a good $60+ for a haircut. I mean, I really like her work, but cutting my hair is not exactly rocket science. But I also refuse to return to the days of Supercuts horribleness, so I wasn't sure what my other options might be. (I did watch a YouTube video on how to cut your own hair, but that seemed like a really bad idea!)

Then a stroke of genius hit me on my way to Oregon. Everything's cheaper in Oregon. Everything. So my mom booked an appointment for me with her regular stylist. I paid $20 for this haircut (wash and blowout included)! Can you believe that?! It just kills me. And it's amazing what a generous tipper I'm happy to be when I'm only throwing down 20 bones to begin with! Good thing I get haircuts so irregularly. I'm happy to schedule in at least 2 annual trips to Oregon for $20 cuts!


Jenn F said...

My hair lady in SF is $18 for medium length cut, including wash (and head massage!) and blow dry. Also, she's AMAZING.

brooke said...

Dude, that's crazy! If only I was ever willing to venture to the city!