Friday, April 23, 2010

Deodorant Update

As you may recall, it was on my 2010 List to find an alternative to deodorant. Some people have issue with the chemicals. I get that, but it wasn't my driving force. For me, it's about the icky residue it leaves on my skin, and the fact that I can reapply 3 times a day, and still feel like I smell worse than if I just skipped it all together and let the world deal with my lovely natural body odor.

The first super random solution I tried this year was Milk of Magnesia. No go. It's funky to put on (since it's a liquid), and it didn't work any better than deodorant. (Though it didn't work any worse either.)

A couple people have mentioned the Crystal to me, but I've read mixed reviews online, from a chemical perspective it still has aluminum, and (most relevant) I've never seen it in stores.

Then, a couple weeks ago, I read about a blogger using straight baking soda as deodorant--and that's it! Sounded way too simple, but I was willing to give it a go. So, I used baking soda solo for about a week and a half. The results? It totally works! Crazy, I know, but it does. All day long, no smell whatsoever. It's kind of amazing!

Then, a few days ago, I mixed in some Arrowroot powder with the baking soda (less than half Arrowroot in the mixture), based on more blogger experimentation. I had read that some people had rash or post-shaving sting issues with the straight baking soda. It is a bit abrasive and I noticed after about a week, my skin was looking and feeling a little raw. But the Arrowroot makes all the difference in the world! It makes it all soft and fluffy and luxurious, and I think as long as you keep the majority of the mix baking soda, it still works just fine. (Note: Arrowroot was recommended instead of cornstarch, which some use, as it has less chemical ick.)

A few notes:
  • Application: Some people recommended brushing on with a makeup brush. I didn't find it as effective when applied this way. Instead, I just grab a pinch of powder and rub it on when my skin is still dewy after a shower.
  • It seems to work best when I shower in the morning and put it on immediately after. If I shower at night and then just wash up before applying in the morning, it's not nearly as effective.
  • Antiperspirant: This is a deodorant replacement, not antiperspirant. I certainly don't think I'm sweating any more than with deodorant, but deodorant never slowed down sweat for me anyway.
  • More to come! I'm planning to experiment with making my own deodorant(!), so I'll keep you posted.
And, guess what? I even have a special bonus for all of you! (Cause I know you're all oh-so-interested in my scent-scapades!) So, I kinda went crazy looking up homemade remedies and concoctions that day. One of the related recommendations I found was to spray straight vinegar on the armpits of your clothes (the smelly ones, from your pre-baking soda days) before throwing them in the washer to completely clean away any trace of odor. Works! You'll notice there's still a vinegar smell when you take your clothes out of the washer, but by the time they come out of the dryer--so fresh and so clean!

Be on the lookout, I'm hoping to share much more successful homemade goodness soon!


Gena said...

Yes, keep me updated! With all the hormonal ups and downs with giving birth three times, the seasons of breast feeding and weaning, I am having such a hard time. I have been using baking soda and corn starch as well as sometimes applying alcohol to kill the germies and I still have stink! =( But I didn't smell before I gave birth. Hmmm. Pesky hormones. Grrr. But I figure the trial and error to reduce my risk of breast cancer is worth it.

How are you feeling?

brooke said...

Bummer Gena! I added another note today--do you shower in the morning? I found that if I shower at night it's nowhere near as effective. I definitely experimented a bit with finding the perfect application, cause it seemed to make a really big difference with how well it worked. But then who knows with the darn hormones!

I'm feeling MUCH better, thank you! I seem to have finally cleared the days of non-stop nausea, and man, am I glad for it!