Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 116

Chai concentrate, discovered here via Angry Chicken. Not too shabby, actually. I can't stand the Chai in a box stuff, so while I love Chai, I don't drink/order it very often. It's just too regularly gross. This concoction is a bit heavy on the earthy tones for me (the nutmeg maybe)? But that could also be because there's a chance that my nutmeg is from 1982, and poor quality to begin with!

It's pretty awesome to have this readily available in the fridge--normally I drink half a cup hot, then switch to an iced version. Yummy! It's not quite sweet enough for Raf and I, but we love our sweet stuff! Either way, it better than any I've bought (outside of India) and I'm too lazy to make it from scratch on any kind of regular basis, so this works just fine for me!

PS--speaking of Angry Chicken, look at the book she just posted about on her site! Oh no...more projects!

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