Sunday, March 1, 2009

New S&I Goodness

Now that I'm back, I've gotten to spend a bit of time catching up on Snippet & Ink. Here's some of the latest goodness I'm enjoying...

Is it weird that I kinda want a chuppah, even though we're not Jewish? I just think they're so beautiful and intimate. If we get married on the front steps, we obvoiusly won't be needing one, but if we do it elsewhere on the property, I may have to see if that's in the cards. I'm also totally digging the natural aisle runner here.

This bride's mom is a ceramic artist--thus the spoon rest placecards--so cool! Yet another craft I'll need to add to the to learn list.

And check out these handmade paper flower centerpieces she linked to from A $10,000 Wedding blog (tutorial link included!) Everything about it is already perfect for our wedding! According to her profile, she lives in San Jose...maybe I can just cruise thru and borrow a couple on our way to SLO! :) Seriously though, how cute would these be on the random "extra" tables (guest book, bar, placecard, etc.)

And perusing that same blog a bit further, look what she had just purchased (from Piperlime). I like the style, but maybe too short for the Brigade's taste?

And thru another link to Rockstar Diaries (fun place, full of love), I found this. It's certainly not the first 2 story barn I've seen in wedding photos, but it never gets old. One day, when we have more money (or even better, more space and time) than we know what to do with, I want to build a 2 story barn on our property. We can rent it out for weddings, but in between we'll have the most fabulous family and friend gatherings. It's going to be great. :)

Also, I can't find the source photo, but check out this recent inspiration board. See the photo with the watermelon, croquet and water goblets? I WANT those goblets. I'm totally smitten. I love goblets. Seriously. They're one of my favorite things. And a goblet with a swiss dot--does it get better than that?? I also love watermelon. I think we're going to need to have some big ole watermelons at the wedding. Maybe we can bring out cold watermelon as our late night snack? Hmm...I like that idea.

How about the poppy bouquet on this board. So simple and beautiful.

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Julia said...

In regards to the barn, I see that really helping in our event planning business, so maybe you guys could just go ahead and get that started sooner than later. I have some family connections who I'm sure could help with the building!!