Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How We Live

This is how we currently live. With our bed in the middle of the family room, surrounded by everything we own in boxes. I know, it's fancy. But until we get floors into the bedrooms, this is the way it is. And we can't order floors until Raf starts getting home before midnight. One more day...!

The good news is at least the kitchen and bathroom are fairly settled. So we can eat, cook, and shower without too much hassle. Thank goodness. If not for that I'd have gone crazy by now.

So, obviously the wedding to-do list isn't the only one we have! Here's what we need to get done on the house this month:

  • Order flooring! Good news: it appears that we've made our final picks for carpet and wood, we just need to make a deal already!

  • Install carpets. I hope to have them in within the next 2 weeks. When they come, they'll also take all the nasty old stuff we pulled out, which will create some very pleasant, clear space in the carport. Once that's done, we'll move most of our stuff into the bedrooms so we can install the wood floors throughout the common areas.

  • Install the new washer and dryer. We're going on a solid 3 weeks since I've been able to do laundry and it's driving me CRAZY! We're having issues with the dryer gas connection. It's ancient. And scary. Raf couldn't get the fixture to move to turn off the gas coming to it until this morning. I'll go to OSH tomorrow to show them some photos of our connection to potentially update that fixture, or at a minimum purchase a new vent hose. We have an appointment with PG&E tomorrow to have the gas turned back on (in case we need to turn it off to complete the install), so hopefully it'll be done by tomorrow. Cross your fingers!

  • Surface clean the laundry space while we're in there. Sweeping and a quick spider web-removal would be nice.

  • Finish painting the bedrooms. Hopefully this weekend. (Our only completely free weekend this summer.)

  • Empty the water from all collection vessels around the house.

On the "If We Get Super Ambitious" list:

  • Remove shelving in the dining room and family room(?) in order to clean the walls and paint.

  • Begin installing the wood floors (hopefully with the generous assistance of Pops!)

In other news, I had yet another successful Patron vase experience. Yay!

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Jennifer Smith said...


Jennifer Smith here...I have been meaning to comment on this post, but hadn't had time. Here goes.

I have worked with a lot of people during renovations and here is the advice I give them when they are living there. I know that overall you are focusing on the whole house, but try to pay extra attention to one room...like the bedroom...or maybe in your case the craft room! Get one room up and running exactly as you want it (or that the budget will allow!) This room must have a door. Once you have one room that is just the way you want it, whenever it gets to be too much (especially paired with the fact that you are planning a wedding) then you can just go into your peaceful little put together corner, shut the door, and relax and enjoy. Trust me...you will need this.

On a side note, I like your flower vase idea. I did something similar at our wedding with 8" bud vases with a gerber daisy in each one...four per table. It was pretty, but what I didn't factor in was the wind/table cloth blwoing factor. As a result, many tipped over! The base wasn't wide enough and was thus top heavy. Also, they were jsut too lite. It looks like your ideas address this problem, but just in case I thought I would pass along the advice.

Good luck...and hang in there!