Monday, June 8, 2009

List Updates

We are getting some things accomplished...hallelujah! It's amazing how much gets done when Raf comes home before midnight!
  • Installed washer and dryer, including a new gas shut-off valve. Had PG&E out to turn everything back on and do a safety inspection. De-webbed the laundry room. Did loads and loads of laundry...YAY!!
  • Painted bedrooms. The 2 spare rooms still need one last coat, but they're looking good! Got side-tracked removing the old (brown) caulking around one bedroom window, the scraping the paint and sanding the sill. Scored a new mouse sander! It's so cute! I've never had an electric sander before...exciting stuff!
  • Ordered flooring. OUCH! That's by far the toughest thing we've done as new homeowners. Making the decision to spend that much money is brutal! Cross your fingers that we love them!
  • Emptied the water vessels around the house. Bought a rake. Decided it was useless. (All the random tree droppings covering the ground is part of the genius of the landscaping--rake it up and you're just looking at dirt.)
  • Talked to Dad about clearing out his scheduled for one, maybe two, weekends of floor installation fun.

And on the wedding front:

  • Sent invites, phase one. So happy to have those done!
  • Booked hair trial and floral appt for this weekend. Jin Ho got us a table for the pre-Bach celebration.
  • Ordered veil.
  • Registered at Crate & Barrel. Good times!
  • Music--almost ruled out the band. Sad times.

Top priorities this week:

  • Put a second coat of paint on the bedrooms.
  • Schedule an appt to have my dress altered. Scheduled.
  • Price out plywood subflooring, and decide if we're going to nail down the floors or float.
  • FLIGHT! I really want to go on a honeymoon... Booked. And asked East Coast friends for can't-miss stops.
  • Make Soap! Our soft deadline for soapmaking is June 20th.

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Jordan said...

no'll love the floor.