Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sounds of Progress

Dad made it to town this afternoon. He'll be staying for about a week, helping us replace the particle board underlayment with some 3/8" plywood he hauled down, in preparation for the wood floors which we've decided to nail down (hence the need for new underlayment). It'll be a ton more work, but in the long run, it's saving us a bucket of money, and the job will be done right--which is what really matters.

The house is LOUD tonight! Dad is working on pulling up the first corner of particle board, just to get a sense of it. And while the sound of hammer against prybar is terror to the eardrums, I'm not complaining because this is the sound of progress, people! Multiply that by the sounds of Raf power-sanding and shopvac-ing stains on the underlayment in the bedrooms and it's quite a circus in here tonight! (We're leaving the particle board in the bedrooms where the carpet is going down; sanding the stains is primarily for peace of mind.)

Super exciting news--carpets are being laid in the bedrooms tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to spending our first night in an actual bedroom! Woo Hoo for moving out of the family room! (Though I will miss the skylights in the morning.)

Have I mentioned how wonderful it is to have a skilled and helpful family--and a partner who's game for any and every DIY project? I'm one lucky girl!

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Jordan said...

yay Ronnie!! Where is his hidden house key so I can throw a party in Klamabama this weekend? :P