Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010: The List

I wouldn't call them resolutions--that makes it sound like things we need to fix because we feel bad about some aspect of our lifestyle. Life is pretty darn good here. I'm not looking to fix--rather to focus. So, for me, it's simply The List.

*Fall in love with (good) Food: Tend first garden; Cook regularly; Focus on local, sustainable, and vegetarian cooking and dining; Waste less
*Learn the yard
*Spend more time with family
*Sell CD holders and cards on Etsy
*Start invitation business
*Send cards
*Gift from the heart
*Sew, sew, sew (and Finish the elephant!)
*Delve into holidays creatively
*Learn to knit or crochet (I don't know the difference)
*Make (way) more soap
*Search for alternatives to deodorant

Ok, I know that last one sounds weird, and a little out of place. Whatever. It bugs me. And I'm certain there must be an effective alternative. If Julia Roberts can have an awkward side conversation with Oprah about it, it must exist...

Here's to a full and joyful 2010!


Gena said...

Let me know what you find out about the last one! I am having a terrible time because I want to stay away from all those chemicals, especially under my arms. My mom and grandmother both had breast cancer. Whatever I can do to reduce my chances! I just can't find something that will actually work for me. =(

Ken Kienow said...

patchouli!!! ;)

Valerie said...

Try the "Crystal" - available at just about any natural foods store. A friend turned me on to it, and since then most of my family has converted (via another source) and swears by it. I've never heard anyone that tried it say anything negative even if they didn't stay with it. When mom was here in India for Sam's first month, the only thing that didn't get covered in sweat were her underarms :-)

Jordan said...

Brooke, if you *ever* wear patchouli I will disown you as my sister. :)

Gena said...

Tried Patchouli and it didn't seem to work for me. I just tried Crystal, it has only been 12 hours, and I already see a difference. I hope it continues to work!

brooke said...

As you can see from other comments, if I tried patchouli, I'd be disowned by the family! I did some internet searching last week and came across quite the thread of positive comments on the recommendation of using Milk of Magnesia. I've been trying it for maybe 5 days now. Does it last all day? No. But then, neither does deodorant! I definitely still want to try the Crystal, but at this point I prefer MoM over deodorant primarily because I don't have any nasty buildup in my armpits (my #1 annoyance with deodorant). And even though it doesn't last all day, I don't think the smell is nearly as bad as mid-day BO mixed with 2 layers of deodorant. (Sorry for the details some of you didn't want!) I'll keep y'all posted...!