Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 185 (July 5th)

Our timing to be enjoying the Central Coast could not have been better. Rather than heading straight home on Monday, we stopped over for a quick stay in San Luis. Still Time was playing their Welcome Home show at The Cliffs--which was, of course, not to be missed! The fact that The Cliffs was having a $100 deal that night didn't hurt either! (It normally costs over $200 a night to stay here--it's such a great place to unwind!)
And look who joined us--YAY! Jin Ho and Nena were with us too--they were just off causing some sort of ruckus elsewhere!
The view from our patio.
The view of my incredible dessert. (Two cookies not pictured here.)
Have you checked out the new(er) Splash Cafe that they opened in San Luis? I know it's not the same as eating chowder at the original in Pismo, but oh-my-goodness, the one in San Luis is mixed with a bakery and chocolate factory!! Which basically means I could care less about the original these days...

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Jordan said...

I want some of that dessert please and thank you.