Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 178 (June 28th)

You can't really tell from the photo, but it's officially getting hard to get my ring on and off every day. Either summer is puffing me up, or the baby swell is in full effect! Did any of you have to stop wearing your rings during pregnancy??

PS--I {heart} my ring!


Jordan said...

It's very typical for people to need to stop wearing their rings during pregnancy. A lot of women will buy a chain and wear them around their neck, size them up, or put them somewhere safe. DO NOT wear your ring if it becomes too difficult to remove it. I'm sure your weight will go back down but in the mean time it will be very uncomfortable and some hospitals make you take shit like that off. Anyway, I'd say just put it up once it becomes too uncomfortable to wear and then put it back on later. Also, some women just size up the wedding band, wear that, and then size it back down after they lose the baby weight.

Gena said...

I bought a cheap ring to wear until after I gave birth. However, I never went back to my previous ring size. From the first to the third child, my finger is still too big for my ring! I am back to my weight before I ever gave birth, so it isn't tha I am still plump. =) My feet also went up a size. Boo.