Monday, July 26, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 191 (July 11th)

Were you curious about what I could possibly have spent 4 hours at the Fabric Depot shopping for? Well, here's the stash! I know, it probably doesn't look all that impressive for the time spent. But remember, I'm very indecisive! And picky. And it normally takes me ages to match up fabrics for one belly blankie, let alone 7! Not to mention all the random extras. If only I'd been keeping a list of all the projects I've been wanting to work on, and what fabrics they require. Since I didn't, I'm planning to keep tabs on their $6.99 sales and heading up to Portland for mini getaways a couple times a year!

Wanna see the in-law apartment we rented? It was super cute and cozy. I've been on a mission to find quality places to stay through VRBO for $100 per night. So far, so good! Headed to Portland? Check it out here.
Lovin this dresser!
Took a shot of the tower in the shower nook for Raf. It works, but not as well as a nice built-in would. :)
Gotta love the electric green color on the house! And the great back yard and patio area.
We met up with Cory for one last meal on Sunday morning before heading back to Coos Bay. He chose the Hot Cake House. It's hit-the-spot diner style food. And it's open 24 hours, so as long as you can deal with the line at 3am, I'm pretty sure it'd be a great place to grab a late night bite. I think Mom might use Cory as an excuse to go back to Portland for another plate of loaded hashbrowns soon!

Somebody looks hungover! And it's not the chunky girl.
Thanks for coming with me, Mom! I had a blast!

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