Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 182 (July 2nd)

As you may have heard, we are STRUGGLING to choose a girl name. Our boy name has been rock-solid in our heads since Day 1. Not so much on the girl front. The minute I got pregnant, our previous favorite flew right out the window. I like to think that's a mother's intuition: because it's a boy, of course! My mother (who always refers to the little squirrel as a "she"), likes to tell me it's not because it's a boy--it's "because she's telling you that's not her name!"

Well then what the heck is it, child??!

We finally had to resort to hitting up the library for a baby name book. I read lists and lists of them to Raf on our drive to Santa Barbara. Let me tell you how much he enjoyed yeah, not at all!

We have a few possibilities, but still no consensus. I think I may have found my favorite (which was actually the first name to catch my eye in this book). I didn't think it would stick for me, but now, a couple weeks later, it's still with me and I'm starting to love it. Unfortunately, baby daddy isn't currently feeling the love. Sigh.


justin said...

Olga. Girl name done.

Kelsey said...

is it Delilah?!?! ;)

brooke said...

It could have been, if one of my stupid friends hadn't gone and named her DOG that!!! :)

Jordan said...

Thank God because there's no way I'm calling your kid Delilah. Sorry. Bunnie it is.