Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 184 (July 4th)

Who knew the 3 of us would end up with such fabulous +1s?? My goodness we're a lucky little group of friends.
We also got the news over the weekend that Schiltz and Lindsey (on the left) are very newly pregnant!! Love it! Well, I love it; she's still in her first trimester, so she's not loving it so much...! Congrats all around!!! This is such a fun time in life.
Josh's uncle hosted Sunday brunch at his place in the hills overlooking a citrus orchard in Ojai. The view was incredible, the food was yummy, and the fresh squeezed tangerine juice was ridonk! Such a fun way to bring everyone back together before the weekend ended.
Speaking of views, this is the view off the deck of the studio we rented through VRBO over the weekend. At $100 a night, it was a pretty incredible deal--especially considering the (fancy) Motel 6 that most guests stayed at near the beach was $170/night! If you're headed to SB anytime soon, check this place out. It's above the homeowner's garage in a great little neighborhood in the hills. We had to drive everywhere, but it was super cozy and only about 10 minutes to anywhere we needed to go. Oh, and there's also a great little coffee shop at the bottom of the hill, Goleta Coffee Company, that has the best breakfast burrito I've ever had. Yum. Happy Vacationing!

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