Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The BIG News!

Just in case you've been living under a rock...we're ENGAGED! That's right--after nearly 5 years, he still loves me enough to ask, and I still adore him enough to say YES!

The story: We went for a hike in Big Basin on July 19th. I stopped for a snack--partially because I was starved--partially because I knew something was up and was worried I might pass out! I had a pretty good idea it would come that day...but certainly not that moment. Raf was pulling snacks out of our bag, I was sitting on a log, my mouth full of almonds, and I turned my head to find him on one knee holding gleaming BLING to my face! He was so cute. I did my best to chew quickly while he said nice things and squeaked out the actual question, so I wouldn't be spitting food when it was my turn to say yes!

And now the "fun" begins! Ahh, the wonderful world of wedding planning. If anybody has an extra $20k lying around that they'd like to part with--let me give you my number!! In all seriousness though, BEWARE. This brand new blog is about to become wedding idea/vent-fest central. And let me tell you, we are all over the place. This could take a while...

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Julie said...

BROOKE! Congrats! Maria Z just told me the news and gave me your blog. That is really exciting. Not to steal your thunder but I just got engaged too and in the midst of wedding planning myself -- so much fun but draining. Anyways Congrats lady! Tell Raf I say Hello and good job! Love Julie L