Monday, September 22, 2008

OPW: Dan & Julie

OPW translation: Other People's Weddings.

Saturday night we attended an engagement party for our friends, Dan and Julie. Dan is one of the guys from Raf's high school crew. Dan and Julie got engaged a couple weeks after we did...and they already have EVERYTHING planned. It's totally irritating! They have their date, venue, colors, flowers, photographer--Julie even bought her dress this weekend! I'm so bad at this game!! I'll catchup...eventually.

Julie showed me a picture of her gown--it's the Adana from Blue by Enzoani. So pretty. I love the gathering, especially in the back.

The funny thing--as I was searching for a photo of the dress from the link she sent me, I recognized the dress right next to it--the Accra, one of the first pages I dog-eared in my gown mag. Not in my budget, but I just love the bust of this dress.

Here are a few more of the boys from the crew--Tags, Ramy & Bryan. I spent the evening entertaining them with visions of Can you tell how excited they are?!

Update: Can I just add one more comment on how awesomely hard core Julie is? So 10 minutes after reading this blog post, she found a recent bride selling the Accra on craigslist for $550 off retail. I love it! Unfortunately, as the master hesitator, I'm not quite sure it's the one for me just yet. (Partially because even with a steep discount, it's still spendy!) However, armed with this knowledge, I'll definitely be perusing craigslist when the time comes. Thanks Julie!


Dan said...

What about the pole holders??? I was hoping for something about that. Oh well. You now have proof that I read your blog.

Julia said...

Ignore Dan's comment. The Accra is gorgeous. You should call a bridal store and see how much that gown cost. Also keep an eye out for gowns on the Internet, maybe someone else is trying to sell it. BTW I hate the picture of Dan and I that you took, that lighting is just horrible... :). Don't worry I just started doing everything in a frenzy because I'm in school and I know I only have time to do things in spurts, but you will get it all taken care of. Start with the venue then everything else will fall into place. It was great seeing you guys at the party.

brooke said...

Lol, you two are hilarious! Sorry I didn't mention the pole holding duties, Dan--I figured Julie would come after me! And Julie, you're crazy--I love that picture of you and Dan! Thanks for inviting us to the engagement party--we had a great time!

Jordan said...

Well, Brooke is known for putting up HORRIBLE pics of people. Umm...Brooke that dress is BEAUTIFUL. The bust area is amazing and how is it that we always love the same clothes? I guess it depends on what kind of wedding you want. The J.Crew dress is really simple and pretty but this one is a little fancier.

brooke said...

That's definitely the hesitation with this one. I think it would just be a little over the top at a couple of the barns we're considering! Amazing gown+barn+potluck=a little odd! :) We're checking out a few venues in SLO this weekend though, so I'm looking forward to having a much better feel for the style soon.