Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September Card Club!

Get excited, folks! I'm finally going to use the blog for it's original purpose--sharing crafting updates! Card Club was back in action last night after a brief break (due to our Alaskan vacation). We had 6 ladies for Club at Gina's place, which is always a good time--she stocks plenty of snacks, beer and wine to keep us energized, chatty & crafty!

The Cards--we do 4 at Card Club every month:

I've done this with the Birthday Bella before with different paper...still love it! This was the first Bella appearance at Card Club. Everyone loved her, of course!

Going for a birthday card that could be used for a boy:

Love this one, but can't take credit for it. I totally CASEd it from Stephanie on SCS. See her original here


Jordan said...

Looks like a good time. I need to start making some invites to my friend's baby shower. I was thinking I might use the crave-a-bella stamp since I have it and it's damn cute. Only problem is, it takes forever to color it in.

Gena said...

Now I know exactly how Asher's card was made....he is over two years old and I still remember how good of a job you did. At least I was pretty sure you made it. Right? One of the best ones he received when he was born.

brooke said...

Aww, thanks Gena! And yes, it was handmade, by me. Probably the only baby card I've made, actually. I've been such a slacker lately. Great to hear from you! Hope all is well with you and your fam!