Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Jin Ho!

I'm so stoked I finally got to spend Jin Ho's birthday weekend with him! He normally goes to Vegas with his beefsteak friends for the Mr. Universe show or something, but (lucky for me) he skipped it this year! We got a booth at Downtown Brew, where he normally DJs on Saturday nights, and watched a couple super fun bands--The Dirty Heads & Still Time. It was great to catch up with he and D, and finally meet his brother, Dae (on the right).

Side note: Both bands were seriously awesome (you should look for tour dates near you!) I'm totally flirting with the idea of calling Still Time to see how much they'd cost to play the wedding. On iTunes their music has a groove/funk mellowness, but live these guys bring ENERGY! I also hear they do some pretty awesome covers...

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