Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OPW: Mili & Ankit

On September 13th, Raf and I enjoyed a day of OPW madness. It started with us handling the reception prep and vendor coordination for the wedding of my friend, Magda, from work. She planned the wedding herself, then panicked when she realized she didn't have anyone to work with the hotel and reception vendors on the day of the wedding. So, like any schmuck (er...I mean "nice friend"), I volunteered! It wouldn't have been all that foolish, except Madga & Manny's reception started at 5pm in San Francisco, and Mili & Ankit's reception (to which we would be attending as guests) started at 6pm in San Jose--a good hour drive away. Idiot! Long story short, the good news is, while the cocktail reception at Mili's wedding started at 6pm, we didn't head into the ballroom until at least 8pm, so it was barely noticeable that we were late. Whew!

Mili & Ankit's reception was super fun--500+ guests at the Marriott in Santa Clara, an entertaining series of choreographed dances by various friends and family, great late-night dancing, and, of course, excellent Indian food--my fave! (Btw, if anyone has a good photo of Mili & Ankit, send it over so I can post it--I don't have any closeup!)

I had to include this pic of Jules, Ash & I with our champagne. Or shall I say, their champagne and my apple juice...! Wtf people!?! I guess the server didn't think I looked like I needed a drink. (Wrong!)

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