Monday, September 29, 2008

Venue Madness

WARNING: Venue madness is on the way! Raf and I checked out 6 venues in the San Luis area over the weekend, learned about 2 more potentials from photographer Katie DiSimone (who we LOVE!), and have considered a few more in the Bay.

Our comparison criteria include:

  • Cost & what's included
  • Style/look & "feeling"
  • Competive edge

I'll start posting some pics and how each stacks up for us this week. Who knows, maybe we'll even pick a place before November...crazy!

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Smith-hitched said...

A downside to a SLO wedding is that if you have a lot of out of town guests, it really is a pain for them to get there - fly into SFO/LAX, rent car, drive 3 hours.

Some whiners complained about our Paso Wedding, but I b-slapped them fools and they shut up.

You may wanna a take a different route.