Thursday, January 22, 2009

100th Post!

Can you believe this is my 100th post?!!? I'm amazed that I've thought of 100 things to say in just over 4 months. Chatty Chatterson, I guess. I've really appreciated the blog's presence in my daily life over these last few months. It's been a fun way to focus my thoughts, keep in touch, and develop a collection of things that make me happy. It's a great tool to help keep me grounded in such a crazy time of my life.

On to the goodness--how great are these flags?! I originally noticed them in a Snippet & Ink compilation, and followed that path to the woman who made them for her wedding. The idea is that guests can wave the flags after you say your I dos, rather than throwing things at you. Love them! I especially love that they just say "YAY".

Anyone have a screen printing machine laying around that I can come play with?? Or how about a little Gocco? I think I could make that work too! I might have to register for one of these puppies. Read about Gocco here, or check out the Etsy video here.

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