Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sunday Soup #3: Cauliflower with Crispy Prosciutto and Parmesan

Evidently now I not only have trouble making soup on Sundays, I also totally forget to blog the results! This week's edition of Sunday Soup (pg 62) got pushed to Monday because it was a 3-day weekend and we were having Andy and Shannon over for dinner on Monday. I can assure you I'm not to a place in my life where I can handle back-to-back nights of good cooking!

The Cauliflower soup was definitely a winner. I think it's Raf's favorite so far, and super easy to make. The only complaint I have is the cooking of the Prosciutto. I see a trend developing where I really can't stand the cooking of the meats in these soups. Raf simply fried the Prosciutto in a bit of oil on the stovetop, but the smell was atrocious! Raf and Andy didn't notice at all, but Shannon actually had to go sit on the porch it was so bad. The good news though--once it was cooked, it tasted incredible! Yet another edition of: Just Deal With It, Brooke.

The best part of Sunday Soups is, of course, the leftovers. I'm typically a one-time leftover girl. After lunch the next day, I'm done and Raf has to finish off any remainder. This one I've come back to 3 times though, and am ready for more. Maybe it's because Raf made the famous bread this time...

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Danielle said...

I wanted to tell you im typically not at ALL leftover girl! Jin Ho eats all of my leftovers... BUT.... i can eat his soup left overs for days. There is just something about soup that settles over days and makes it taste so much more delicious! I almost like it better a few days later then fresh!