Saturday, January 17, 2009

That Hugo Boss

...he cuts a nice suit." Rememeber that, from The Holiday? I love that movie.

It didn't take long after my last post to get Raf fired up to go suit shopping. A whole 7 minutes would be my estimate. We went to the mall to check out the Mens Wearhouse--they've been advertising a buy one, get one free sale for the last couple weeks. Their stuff was nice enough, and great prices, but the sales guy wasn't really understanding that I wasn't that interested in a typical old-school, oversized style suit.

We decided to pass through Nordstrom on our way out. Guess MW wasn't the only place having a sale. It was slim pickins, but all their suits were 50% off until they get their new stock next week. It took us about 2 seconds to pick the perfect suit off the rack. You've never seen my man look so good. I certainly haven't! It's modern, fitted, a great shade of, hot, HOT! And, best news ever--it was mis-marked (accountant Raf's brilliant catch), so we saved $80 more than expected!

Can't wait to see him fully decked out in this little Hugo Boss Red Label number on August 1st!

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