Sunday, January 18, 2009

Paper Flower Bouquet

Don't panic. I'm not suggesting that I've been so traumatized by talk of floral prices that I'll be carrying a paper bouquet instead of a live one. (Although, I must admit, it is a little tempting!) I saw this blog post tonight that suggests tossing a paper flower bouquet at the wedding, rather than paying for an extra toss bouquet. While I'm not sold on the whole bouquet tossing thing in general, the idea of being able to share a handmade paper bouquet with one lucky lady, does sound like fun! (Assuming it doesn't get gnarled in some nasty cat fight, of course.)

They link to all the fun paper flower kits over at the Paper Source--the same ones I eyeball everytime I'm in the store. The Paper Source even has a video on how to put them together (I love this lady's videos, btw, she's just so kooky--I can totally picture her crafting with Mom.) Because I'm budget challenged, and realized all it would take is those wire things and some floral tape to go crazy with any fun paper we want, I searched for a free petal template and found one with more instructions here. I could probably even draw my own if I thought I was that cool. (I don't.)

Jordan, doesn't this project have YOU written all over it?! You can start practicing for some home decor, then teach me when you come down for the Jason Aldean show!? Mom, have you made paper flowers??

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