Sunday, January 11, 2009

Family Projects

I'm so behind on blogging! I've had so many random ideas to capture this week, but no time to post them. Let's remedy that...

I've been giving a lot of thought to "family projects" for the wedding. One of my favorite things about my family is that everyone has a craft--woodworking, metalsmithing, sewing, gardening, paper crafting, thrifting, etc. It's awesome. Especially when you're having a backyard wedding and looking to have personal touches around every turn! I want our day to be full of stories, even if nobody ever hears them. They'll be there for us; we'll know.

I believe that the best gift a person can give is a handmade one--something that took some sweat and creativity. So, I'll be asking some of the family builders to forgo registry nonsense and instead make items that we can use at the wedding, and cherish for the rest of our lives.

From my dad, I'm asking for seating of some kind. Maybe a bench or two, or some lounge seating. While visiting Kate, she flashed across this photo in her inspiration collection, and I fell in love with the bench instantly:

While looking at firepit photos, I came across this awesome lounge seating. Love the vibe it creates. I'm thinking I could have dad build something similar, then ask one of the family sewers to help me make the cushions. (You can find more photos on the firepit artist, John Unger's, website):

I also love a classic Adirondack chair.

And I absolutely don't want anyone building these for us, but the fish Adirondacks were just to hilarious to not share! (Btw, this guy's firepits are intense!)And all this talk about firepits isn't just about the furniture. My older brother, Daryl, is a skilled welder/metalsmith. In Oregon, he builds/restores boats--the latest is a huge fishing vessel, shipping out for Alaska this week. While I was visiting over the holidays, we went out to see the progress on the boat and he showed Dad and I around the shop, where he told us about this machine that laser cuts any image you give it. So cool! I immediately knew I'd be looking for a project for him once I discovered this machine!

So later that day, I'm flipping through the huge stack of Mom's Sunset magazines that I steal every time I visit and come across this cool firepit by an artist right here in the Bay Area, Katrina King.

In the 2 sentences of text that accompany this photo, it mentions the laser cutter machine...WINNER! I've checked out a lot of firepits this week--people are doing some awesome work, but nothing I could afford without a skilled brother! I'm loving this square shape best. And the patina. Now I just need to figure out what kind of image we might want on our pit. Oh...and convince Daryl that he wants to build us one, of course!

The photo at the top is a table I commissioned my dad to build to fill an ugly nook in Apt 345. I gave him a photo in a book I had and he duplicated it flawlessly. Then I painted it green. I still think he wants to disown me for that!

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