Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I saw these pink bouquets on photographer Jerry Yoon's blog recently. Immediately thought of Ashley. I love the bride's bouquet. Here's a closer view:
Also found this montage of wonderfulness on the blog. Loving the flowers here too.
I'm envisioning kind of a farmer's market mix for myself, something like this one--but maybe with slightly more summery colors:
And this is totally unrelated to flowers, but I wish I had a reason to need a horse drawn buggy!
Now that I've had a conversation with Ash about the average price for wedding flowers, I need to remind Nena of our genious plan to have her take a flower arranging class....!


Jordan said...

It's your wedding. Have a horse drawn buggy thing if you want to. Whatever. While you're making Nena take a flower arranging class have her take the sewing class too. :D

Anonymous said...

just found and amazing blog for floral inspiration: