Friday, January 16, 2009

Yellow & Grey

Looks like yellow and grey have become our primary colors. As you may recall, we're getting married at a big yellow house, so you really can't ignore that color's role in our day! Raf is planning to wear a grey suit--a tux just felt too overdone for us. Then we all fell in love with the grey Anthro Natural Sunlight dress. (Remember that one? Everyone voted. Everyone loved it. It's the one.)

Now I'm looking around trying decide which shade of grey for Raf's suit. We've been leaning toward dark grey, but these photos by Jose Villa make a lighter shade look pretty darn good too!
We've been considering having the groomsmen wear vests rather than full suits. We've been planning on a lightweight grey sweater vest--we hadn't even considered suit vests, but they look pretty good here. We'll also start searching for some fun shoes for the girls to wear with their dresses. We'll have plenty of options, but who doesn't love looking for a cute yellow shoe?!
All of these beauties found here.

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Jordan said...

I like the yellow shoes in the top picture - the ones on the lady's feet.