Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Flowers

Raf was home sick with "food poisoning" earlier this week. Evidently our super professional diagnosis was a bit off though, cause I'm pretty sure food poisoning isn't contagious. So I had one of the least lovely nights of my life last night, and spent today trying to sleep it off and keep something down. Ick.

The only joy in this kind of misery is, of course, blog hopping. Kate clued me in to the floral design portion of the House Martin blog after my last post. Here's some loveliness found there today. (I'd share many more, but the sizing doesn't copy over well.)

Loving the yellow here.
And the red dahlias in the white birch tubes.
Considering we're doing table arrangements in Patron bottles, it's nice to see minimalism looking beautiful. Loving this butterfly weed.
And I found this little number in the current Pier 1 promotion. Love the flowers.
Ok, more sleep for me.

1 comment:

Danielle said...

bummer about the flu! Ive been sick all week too! it sucks! I love those flowers especially the red ones and the last arrangement with the cool dragon :)