Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dark Chocolate PB Cups!

You're already well aware how much we love Pete Bakes! This time, Pete opted for the freezer instead of the oven and shared a recipe for making dark chocolate peanut butter cups. (Best Day Ever!) I'd never made candy before this but it was SO easy! And you get such quick and delicious results!

The only thing we'd note about the recipe is that our cups came out with minimal filling, so we decided next time we'd double the peanut butter batch. However, I think it may have to do with the size of our mini candy liners. Our liners fill a mini cupcake tin's hole. But I just noticed from the photos on Pete's blog that his liners are uber-mini (like a miniature PB cup, rather than the candy bar sized version) and don't come close to filling the tin's hole. Thus--my recommendation is to only double the PB portion if you have the big mini liners (which are still not as big as a candy bar sized liner).

Btw, I used the MaraNatha organic PB that Jordan gave me with the raspberry jam she made for Christmas. I called to ask her if they were death nuts and she assurred me that she'd been eating it at home and wasn't dead yet. I still checked the list. :)


Jordan said...

I like to refer to them as nuts of death...

Anonymous said...

You should check out the freshly made peanut butter from whole foods - specifically the honey roasted. It tastes like a dessert by itself. - Joe