Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today's Floral Inspiration

Noticed some DIY bouquets from tonight that feel like our wedding. I think this one with the shakers is especially fun. Here's the caption: "Unusual Displays: Place a few stems in a water-filled Parmesan cheese dispenser for a lively display. Here, three old glass-and-metal shakers support two varieties of yellow daisy mums and white Monte Casino aster. No shakers on hand? Mason jars with holes punched in the lid work equally well." I could see these little shakers as the supporting cast for our Patron bottle centerpieces.

The teapot isn't really my style, but I dig the bunched look of this small arrangement.
I can't imagine these fishbowls stacked at our wedding, but they'd be fun for another event. Maybe a baby shower, with their bulbous wonderfulness. I do like the look of the single ones though. Could definitely work with a spattering of mis-matched clear bottles/jars as the supporting cast.
And some new goodness from One Love Photo.
I'm pretty sure there's an old sink attached to the out house in the backyard at our venue. Considering there are sinks inside each of the stalls, this looks like a way prettier use of the outside sink! Except I'd want mine full of huge colorful dahlias!

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Allyson said...

do you know anyone with a license to get into the flower market? i love the mason jar idea and think it fits perfectly with your "wedding in the country" theme.