Monday, March 16, 2009

Raf: Country Bound!

Raf took some random "Where Should You Be Living" quiz on Facebook. His result? The country. HA! I love it! Here's what it had to say, "The country. You are tired of living in a crowded place where there’s too much concrete and not enough green. You want to live out in the country, preferably somewhere with a barn, a river and lots of wide open spaces where you can unwind and enjoy the quiet."

I know it, Facebook knows it, now we just need to convince Raf to believe it!

Btw, my quiz result said I should be living in Paris. Stupid quiz. I want to live in the country too!

Photo of barn above was taken in Helvetia, Oregon. (The state where our country home would ideally be, though I think I'd prefer the Willamette Valley area.) Found on Flickr


Jordan said...

I think that quiz is a little off. There is no way in hell I would live in Paris. You guys should move up here, then we can open our paper & fabric store :)

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the you should live in Oregon!!but closer to your mother! Xoxox